Technology: Effective Isothermal PCR-Tests (30 minutes) invented & produced in Switzerland

  • Antigen-Tests are ineffective & unreliable. 
  • They cannot detect infectious individuals except during a very short peak time, when patients are symptomatic
  • Ender rapid PCR-tests deliver instant “gold-standard” results within 30 min
  • Application in certified labs and in mobile test centres

Fast, reliable, affordable, mobile saliva-based mass testing

We offer easy self-collection of saliva samples through the use of validated saliva test kits

Test capacity can be scaled up to 25 times through pooling technology for faster and more cost-effective testing

Home Sampling now possible: INSTA TEST+

Online shop for private individuals and planned testing series in SMEs

Capacities of 500 tests per day can be provided to companies

Saliva samples are taken @home or @office and sent directly to the Lab

Fully automated reporting to patient, employer and FHO (data protection assured)

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